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The Commodities Market

April 27, 2015

Can we please stop berating people for being thin? The fervor over some fitness center’s ad is just completely out of hand. The one memorable line from this article about the ‘Beach Body’ ad is this,

And it didn’t take the SJWs [Social Justice Warriors] and feminists long to once again strap in to their high horses and go to war. Soon, the posters were being crudely vandalized to instead read, among other things, “You body is not a commodity”.

While that idea is Feminista and WhiteKnight lovely and politically correct and all…. Hate to break it to ya, but Your Body IS a Commodity.

No matter who you are or what you look like, your body – including your BRAIN – is up for sale. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, your physical and intellectual attributes and abilities are Commodities. Politicians, and corporations see each and everyone of us as nothing more than a pile of beans or wheat or corn with no other purpose than to keep them profitable. You are going to work in some capacity to pay for your increasingly restricted existence if you have any intention at all of participating in society. Do it as a smoking hottie or as a fat-screechy-hairy feminist or as a keyboard warrior or a PUA or a nice, traditional family-person. It isn’t my business what you do or how you choose to conduct yourself as long as you don’t start making your choices and beliefs mandates that everyone else must follow.

Sadly, though, that is exactly what is happening. So, yeah, people forcing others to think, act, and behave in ways that make them feel “safe” is a gigantic distraction from actual danger and injustice. Big Important Issues(TM) like Bruce Jenner’s penis (or lack thereof) and the effectiveness of The Grapefruit Blowjob (NSFW) need to be addressed. Meanwhile, our society is turning into an over-flowing shit filled toilet and it isn’t because bakers everywhere are spontaneously causing shortages of Super-Gay Wedding Cakes.

Seriously? Why the hell would you want to coerce a business into serving you on any random day - especially your wedding day - if they don't want your business?

Seriously? Why the hell would you want to coerce a business into serving you on any random day – especially your wedding day – if they don’t want your business?

 Side Note: I am still baffled by this controversy. Good Lord, it’s food you will serve to your family and friends. Don’t you have some concept of what terrible outcome there could be when you have forced another person to prepare your food against their will??? Why wouldn’t you want to employ a person who is happy to serve you? Even more importantly, if you are so upset at being told “No” by a baker, you aren’t really emotionally equipped to breathe air, let alone be married. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.  Not everyone agrees with your lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you get to use Big Brother to punish them. (Yes, It Does, but only if you are Gay and the Baker is Christian – not the other way around.

There are plenty of people who are really brilliant at explaining Mandrosphere ideals and how relationships are changing. Please go read this if you haven’t yet, Keoni totally nails it on that topic, so I am going to keep my skinny ass on my side of the barbed wire fence and tell you what is happening here in flyover country. Hint: it isn’t pretty.

While many people self-infantilized, misinformed carpet-walkers are caught up in manufactured controversies and all manner of trivial bullshit brought to you courtesy of the MSM and social media, there is a storm brewing that has the potential to guarantee that we are all well-and-truly-screwed for good. You can put away your tin foil hats for a few minutes – this isn’t about Operation Jade HELM (Homeland Elimination of Local Militants is the acronym – go google it – I don’t want to get sidetracked) It isn’t about the fracking earthquakes that are causing all sorts of environmentalist weeping and gnashing of teeth, either. Folks, your problem is that none of your silly drama matters at all when you don’t have food.

(Go to your safe place and eat your play dough and crayons if you don’t want to know about disgruntled country bumpkins.)

This. Even in light of the glaring misinformation in the article, the threat to your grocery cart is very real. First, let me clear up a few things:

Farmers pay no sales taxes on machinery and equipment, or on diesel fuel for agricultural equipment, computers, fertilizer, chemicals and seed. Even shampoo bought by a hairdresser for a “farm” client is exempt, according to the Kansas Department of Agriculture. There is much more, but you get the picture.

That isn’t just inaccurate, you can’t find purer bullshit under an actual bull. It is a straight up lie. There isn’t any information I can find on the Dept. of Ag. site, and the author of the op-ed piece didn’t cite his source. (Imagine that.) In fact, that isn’t even controlled by the Department of Ag. In Kansas, that is the Department of Revenue. Just to verify that I actually read that right, I asked both Farmer and my local Bestie who is a hairdresser. Farmer gave me a very comprehensive overview of what is and isn’t exempt and Bestie told me I had lost my mind. You can read the exemption certificate here. If you are so inclined, you can read the whole breakdown here.

So take a look at the original article by Chapman Rackaway. He does a pretty fine job of explaining some of the things that I see happening here locally right now and makes it pretty clear why/how this is happening. Greedy city-SOBs want to have their cake and eat it, too, but that isn’t enough. They also want the people who worked the land to grow the ingredients for the cake to give it to them for free with a side-order of cash.  Just like they did with the schools. Just like they are still doing now with the schools.   There is a veritable fecal-hurricane taking place on fb over school funding cuts and the proposed farm legislation, which includes a 473% property tax increase. (That is not a typo.)

One local fb commenter put it this way:

 Farmers and teachers. Two professions trampled in the dirt, who get paid NOT according to their societal worth, and yet do it anyways, because it must be done. And God made a farmer, indeed.

Without getting too deeply into the political forces at work here it is in a nutshell from the Rackaway article (the accurate one of the two newspaper story links above):

Perhaps that explains why the Legislature has gone from trying to keep the west in Kansas to showing it the door. Two bills, one already passed, the other pending, would have massive adverse effects on the state’s breadbasket. The bill that has passed, HB2403, dumps the 1992 school funding formula in favor of block grants. While the block grants would potentially hurt some other schools to the east of I-135, the western half of the state looks to take a disproportional hit.

The result is that early school closings in western Kansas, such as Concordia, will likely be followed with more early closings and even consolidations. The beating hearts of western Kansas communities…may well be stopped.

So why on earth should you give a damn about our school funding disaster and bills designed to kill family farms? Unless you have escaped the need to eat this is going to screw you over, too. To begin with, the schools are the canary in the coal mine. The school my kids attend isn’t one of the districts that have shortened the school year, but they have decided to lay off nearly every “para” (the educators that do not hold licenses). Just like that. nearly thirty percent of the staff is gone. Transportation to events and for after school activities, also gone. Some of our students (again, not specific to our district) are already forced to ride the bus for over two hours per day just to attend classes, now their parents are going to have to spend more time, and more money to get their kids to and from activities. So, hey, just take some more of you hard-earned cash and drive an extra fifty or sixty miles twice a day so your kids can play ball or join the debate team… no big deal, right?

Before you start screaming “home school” consider that our schools aren’t like urban schools. Sports, FFA, and other extra-curricular activities fill the void that comes with living in a rural community. Our public schools are really pretty dang close to home-school already. Since parents have to work to pay their taxes, very few have the time or ability to adequately educate their kids at home, so, right-or-wrong, public schools are important to us.  These aren’t the zero-tolerance/zero-common-sense indoctrination centers that we all love to hate. As the schools are forced to consolidate, it isn’t just less convenient, it takes away more and more of the tax base and that money has to come from somewhere, and while you can’t get blood from a stone, you can get more tax money out of the dirt. So, Farmers.

Even more disturbing and damaging for the west is SB 178, which would raise agricultural land property taxes by a statewide average of 473 percent. With the majority of farmland in the state to the west, the actual hit would be even higher. Many farmers are land-rich and cash-poor, so paying five times higher taxes could be fatal to many western Kansas farms.

What’s it to you if a bunch of farmers lose their asses and their livelihoods  via government sponsored theft? Well, that means that the real big boys – the mega corporate conglomerations and foreign investors will take up the void. They generally don’t pay taxes anyway so, rather than adding to the tax base, it will likely decrease the already inadequate state revenue. Even if that isn’t the outcome, it will take away even more diversity and completely remove the stewards of the land from the decision making process.

Still don’t get it? Let me walk you through it, slowly. A traditional family farming operation (even the incorporated, mid-level guys) has people who make decisions on a daily basis that ensure the land is cared for properly. The wildlife buffer zones (a/k/a conservation belts), the crop diversity, the settings on the equipment, the timing of planting and harvest, the hiring of their own help, all rest on the common sense and experience of these family farmers. They live or die by their own choices, and they can respond to market forces with complete autonomy. They are intimately connected with the land and dedicated to providing food for your table and theirs. If you suppose that none of that changes when all the land is controlled by a few corporate giants, you are fooling yourself.

Locally, we see it happening already. A large Co-Op is eating up little independent elevators all over this region. Having prices set locally by each elevator, hiring employees without college degrees, farmers having input and control over the services they need. Poof. Gone. You have to have a degree to work at the elevator now. The corporate farms are the same way. Decisions are made by someone a couple hundred miles away and no amount of experience will get a person hired because The Corporate Office determined only college graduates may be employed. Not high school kids, not the guys who have already given up their family farms. College Graduates Only. If you don’t pay your way through four years of school, you don’t even get to sweep the floor.

Now, imagine what will happen when the family farmers are gone. If some carpet-walker decides that only one type of corn will be grown. That’s that. If conditions vary from one field or pasture to another, too bad. The guy who is actually working the land can’t even access the person who could make a change, and policies take months to change. Plants and animals don’t wait around for months while The Board of Directors contemplates a change. The destruction of traditional family values is small potatoes compared to the devastation of family owned farms. Once the dude in the tractor is some low-paid employee whose only function is to punch a clock and keep his mouth shut, we all have bigger problems than gay wedding cakes and bitchy feminists.

So we are back to the beginning, You are a commodity whose very existence has been purchased by a hostile takeover. Government, corporations, and whatever mysterious scary forces you believe are in control have reduced you to a slave to be bought and sold on the open market. You must pay and pay and pay. College, taxes, insurance, more taxes, higher food prices, more and more laws and rules to keep you feeding the big corporate money making machines…everything you do, everywhere you go, fewer choices, less personal control over everything. Just keep your mouth shut and follow the rules. If someone wants your opinion, they will make a law telling you what it should be.

Meanwhile, feminists everywhere should be celebrating because they finally got something half right. They really have been objectified, but then again, so have the rest of us. It isn’t going to change until enough people are tired of being little tax-paying hunks of meat. Now, where is that Safe Place??? I want to go there, too!!!

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