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A RooshV to Judgement

April 21, 2015

As if today wasn’t frustrating enough on the heels (the, pretty, pretty high heels) of yesterday’s tirade, I had to come home to this bullshitI am left with no choice other than to dive into the shallow feminist thought-pool and hope it snaps my neck and I die thinking happy Red Pill thoughts. (Unless some hot, male lifeguard is there to rescue me.) Also, get it??? She took away my choice!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Well. Bless. Her.  “Heart”. 

“…I have a very “special” place in my heart for Pick Up Artists.”

Her profile pic says otherwise. What is that look? Bitchy-Duck-Face-ManHater??? Look-Seductively-at-the-Camera-While-Peeing-on-the-Rug-to-Mark-Territory???? Oh dear…She took on RooshV

“I admire Roosh V’s commitment to absolute ignorance and stupidity.”

Plenty of admiration to go around, Lauren. I admire the same thing about you. I always thought was brainwashed into believing that feminists were very intellectual and had the brains to use the opposing arguments of others to inform their own opinions in order to affect some sort of level playing field. Unparalleled commitment. Brilliant. Everyone, absolutely everyone wants Commitment from another person. (***As long as they are committed to unconditional support of every stupid though we have, the second we have it, while simultaneously enabling us to live out our fantasies, in a life of ease and clean laundry and an unlimited budget.)

In all fairness, what apparently set Lauren off was this...

In February of 2015, Roosh V proposed the decriminalization of rape on private property. His theory was rooted in the assertion that women would take better precautions and, “protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone.” As a result, Roosh V claims that, “After several months of advertising this law throughout the land, rape would be virtually eliminated on the first day it is applied.”

I agree with the following stipulation: The the persons on the property have knowledge of their location and/or were present by consent of both parties. In other words, if your are at “your place” or someone else’s place, or hotel room, or not otherwise in the middle of a public place like the center of a freeway or on the sidewalk and you have put yourself in the position of being overwhelmed by physical force or even the later-regetable charms of another person, then who is to blame for that??? You, sista, you alone.

Before you go throwing stones, consider this:

I wear a dumpy uniform everyday. All my co-workers are men.

I wear a dumpy uniform everyday. All my co-workers are men.

The rest of the time, I am a contractor. I am constantly on Private Property, surrounded by rapey-scary Men. Yet, all the people involved are able to contain themselves.

House now on foundation, concrete poured, framers on site

House now on foundation, concrete poured, framers on site.

I work for men. I work with men. I hire men, I fire men. Agreements are reached. WE consult. WE negotiate. WE fight. WE get along. WE gossip. We drink beer together.



No one’s genitals or credentials are called into question without good reason. Comments like, “You’re a pussy” and, “Grow a set” are pretty universal and no one ever stops working long enough to take offense. In fact, if harmless banter like that offends you, chill the Fuck out – you aren’t working hard enough to earn your pay if you have time to be offended at petty bullshit like that.

Bitch, please.

Bitch, please.

It seems, really, really odd , that a preeminent feminist, in the midst of a letter to the most, terrible, scary, awful, misogynist, known to the world today, Would say, this:

There are laws now, Roosh. They are made by powerful, important men and women who are appalled at the way women are treated by men like you. Although you can’t put a ban on words, you may find that a lot of powerful people have such an aversion to that word that they are flagging individuals who use such terms in their literature. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be flagged and monitored by any government for hate mongering, would you, Roosh?

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

On, that note, I volunteer as Tribute.

And speaking of laws, Roosh, no one with a brain thinks that decriminalizing rape is a good idea. In fact, you may find that the vast percentage of the population, both men and women, prefer consensual sex to non-consensual sex.

I, for one, don’t mind this attitude even a little  bit. It will save me from having to raise pregnant teenage daughters or some random, ill-selected offspring. I also think that drugs should be decriminalized and stop signs are unnecessary.Anyone out there that thinks human beings will suddenly run rampant without regulations to stop rape, murder and mayhem is ill-informed at best. I live in the rootin’-tootin’ (recently declared) concealed-carry state of Kansas and the blood in the streets is only ankle-deep after a hard rain.

If a burglar is on the loose in your neighborhood, you make sure, extra sure, to lock your doors or protect valuable objects. Why would you oppose the removal of laws that encourage you to protect your own body in the same way? Just place yourself farther out of harm’s way.  Normal people want consensual SEX. Is this your special epiphany? It isn’t polite conversation to talked about a person who had to be bound-and-gagged to “want it”….is that what you think will happen if you aren’t protected by The Law? Why are you putting yourself in that position in the first place? Why would you even want The Right to be legally protected from stupid choices as a Thinking Human Being????

“…maybe make a video about “those crazy feminists” and protest that you are too busy and too important to step up to such an arduous task”

Yes…. Roosh V…. Pick Me!!!! Pick Me!!!! Really? Sounds more like crappy FSOG dialogue than admonition…..But, then again, that is just my humble opinion as a woman who isn’t raped every single day because People.

For real.

For real.

Oh, Damn. Now the femists feel, “Unsafe“. Probably better quit while I am ahead.

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  1. David Sutton permalink

    Yep. Re your last sentence, we all know it’s all about the feeeeeellllllllllings.

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