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Top of the Food Chain

April 17, 2015

What has been missing is here. I live in the heart of the grainbelt. Right or wrong, wheat, corn, and soy are staple crops here in more ways than one. If a picture is really worth a thousand words, then you have figured out that I am working on a project that involves moving a house. All the design work, front to back, from the ‘systems’ of the house to the details that make it a functional and personal space for my client are my sole responsibility – including the budget (which is terrifying in more ways than one).

wicked witch

After all this time in Oz..

The main reason that I am writing now after all this time is that I saw this video. Watch it, please so you can see the heart of America, and, more importantly, the heart of anyone, anywhere who endeavors to make a living out of feeding you, your family, GoodAndKindAndWonderful People everywhere and NormalFolksLikeUS, and UselessFuckingAssholesLikeFeminists and Everyone Else. Seriously, watch the video.

My client is a Farmer. If you know the Paul Harvey speech, then you can see why the video linked above strikes a chord. If I had to describe The Farmer to  you, I would say this:

How about the fucktard-country-bumpkin-rednecks that you suppose are growing your food and the food that feeds your food?  These tobacco-chewing-beer-drinking-hicks control millions of dollars of equipment at any given time, they are up to their Wrangler-covered asses in debt, and up to their ripped-off shirtsleeves in government regulations. Amidst all of that, they are doing a little thing called controlling the food supply… you know, the whole reason you don’t starve to death. They do it because they like it. It is who they are.  If any of these clueless rednecks have ever given a single fuck about your opinion, they probably chopped it up and fed it to some cattle you ate it last week at Applebee’s while some terrified vegan-hipster-fucks watched you eating bacon double-cheeseburgers in silent judgment and horror while wondering why in the depths of their emaciated souls they felt a little tinge of jealousy watching you enjoy yourself eating the flesh of defenseless animals. **Fat feminists filed complaints because you criminally eye-raped the female-looking bacon before devouring it.**


He also loves Vegans!!!

Yeah. That is my client. He is one of the few farmers that I know who doesn’t have a full-time job somewhere other then the land. It matters just the tiniest bit to me that he uses ‘conventional’ farming practices. (I bitch about it on a regular basis*** Full disclosure!) Whether or not I agree with the chemicals he sprays, the seed he plants, or his method of raising livestock there is nothing in the world to fault when it comes to integrity.

Farming is a dirty, shitty, low-paying, difficult job on its very best day. Even if you can’t agree with how they do it, you have to respect WHY.

Meanwhile, I am up to my ears in puberty-and-hormone-soaked daughter angst (Bite me, Meatloaf – when Two Outta Three is teenage girls, IT SUCKS) Residual annoyance from using a totally frighteningly incompetent basement guy. and my yearly prolonged personal nightmare of protesting to the Parole Board – I don’t feel much like writing.

The bright spots are my kids rocking the crap out of their school life… two broken school records and one up for Captain of the Drill Team (As a Freaking Freshman!!!!!!) Yep, all is well…

Blessings all around!

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