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Typical Weekend

August 3, 2014

I am absolutely terrible at a few things.  Being sober is apparently one of them, and I didn’t even realize it until B pointed it out.  Rest assured, he deeply regrets making that comment.

drunksober even


Nope. As is turns out, I hate him either way…oh, but we are ‘even’ now.

I could write about how I absolutely went nuclear on B, or I can just show some pics of what really happens around here, sans B or Bike Boy…but in truth, they are both responsible for these pics in very different ways. (***With the exception of pics of me, the following pics are of minors.  All used with permission of the parents.)


Yes, these are probably out of order, just deal with it…

The random kid above has a mother who is in the hospital ICU for an injuries sustained in an accident a couple weeks ago.  Her parents are the coolest people I have met the entire time I have lived here. Mom is a factory worker, he is a tatted-up welder. They are DJs on the side.  The Mom has at least a month in rehab. There have been several surgeries, and they aren’t done.  Random Child is one of the most talented kids I have ever met.  The child is artistically gifted, no joke.

mom5Rare picture of me. Not flattering; not filtered; honest, but, hey – that’s not everyone’s cup of tea

Teachable moments.  Give Number Three the camera. Let her choose the shot.


Yes, I love shoes and photoshop…

nikki7aand, shoes… and old trucks……..


and old trucks, and photoshop…. 

nikki14and knowing they don’t even hear the camera anymore…


Number One behind the wheel of an old truck… happy!!!!


Comfortable…wishing what on that flower?


Laughing. Happy. Safe. Comfortable. Content….

Oh, to trade the moment with them.  Truly I am blessed to have captured these pics.

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  1. David Sutton permalink

    Yep, nothing like old vehicles. And dogs.

  2. Sometimes dogs are unavoidable.

  3. Cowboy Hank permalink

    Are talking two legged dogs or four legged?

  4. Presumably we are referring to the bipedal variety.

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    not understanding something fully, however this article presents nice understanding

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