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Summer Photo Review – Part Three

July 7, 2014

After the car show season cooled off a bit, or between shows, and work, and kids having to go here, there and everywhere, there is plenty of summer fun. Spiced up with some lessons in the lost arts.

random2Lazy Sunday dinners.  Fried chicken. Pan gravy. Garden green beans and taters, local sweet corn and eggs from our very own chickens. Why doesn’t anyone know how to do this anymore?


That special time of year when we make a batch of anti-itch soap. This year’s lesson in soap-making was a lesson for Number Two. (Milkweed, yes, common milkweed, will take the itch out of basically any bite you have and has great reviews from our itchy poison ivy or poison oak covered friends.) We juice ours and add it to a goats’ milk soap base with generous amounts of coconut and olive oil.  It really does stay that green and some of our guinea pig friends use it like an “itch-stick” instead of like soap.  Just rub it on the mosquito bite (or chigger, or whatever other bite) without even using water and it takes the itch away.


While out gathering milkweed for the soap, no one can resist the wild flowers.  All locally gathered, all wild stuff, harvested responsibly, of course. It’s not a perfect arrangement, but the structure is correct, I’d say Number Two was catching on nicely.


Roasting of the chicken.


Roasting of the chiles. (Fresh stuff, just as fresh as I can get at WalMart, anyway.)

green enchilada

Hatch Young Guns Green Chile.  The last of my frozen stuff.  Autumn roast, extra hot, top-of-the-line chile, to be used only for very special meals, or because I have an excuse to really get serious in the kitchen.


Food for other times. Charcoal gets expensive, so just grill everything that fits on there. Mom tip: grilled hot dogs are best reheated by putting a steamer basket in the bottom of a slow-cooker with just enough water to come up to the basket, but not let the dogs rest in it.  This is especially useful for times when you want to serve a bunch of young ‘uns all at once or when you have to take the food somewhere and want the taste of grilled dogs (or brats) without having to deal with the grill.


Because when the neighbor picks fresh cherries, you bake pie.  Cherry pitting tip: a drinking straw is the perfect pitter.  Leaves you with nice round cherries better for pretty pies.  Another lost skill.  Oh, and lard crust, because Crisco is for heathens.


Pull some weeds.  In this case, catnip, which is basically a weed at this point, and make use of it.


Never let the chance to teach go wasted.  Needle and thread 101.  Cat toys, because the cat doesn’t care if it looks good, but you do have to get the job done right. (*No, not my cat, just clarifying.)

pink lady4

Smoke bombs, for when there isn’t any tire smoke and for when mom runs out patience for making the kids do chores.

bike smoke can1

Peaches prepares for a smoke bomb mission.

bike smoke can3

Yes. This is fun. Now go eat the peaches and we will blow up some more stuff…


Like water balloons.  Yes, you should try this.


The camera can capture some amazing stuff that happens way too fast to see when you are watching.

porch wsing color

While Peaches continued lighting the world on fire, I did this…Ayn Rand, because, DUH, what else would you expect of me?


Put some thoughts into perspective… which is harder to do than you would think with fireworks going off…


It all depends on where you focus.


and it is very hard to concentrate on two things at once – even with a really good lens.


Reflecting on the past or taking a good look at yourself i the mirror is useful, but

Color Butterfly

sometimes, it is better to stop what you are doing to chase a butterfly.


Swing on a tire swing…


Light the world on fire………

ghost rider1

or let it burn itself out.

Even a small world can seem pretty big if you just take the time to appreciate and enjoy it.

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  1. David Sutton permalink

    The only thing better than car porn is food porn. Beautiful pictures

  2. Thank you so much, David!

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