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Summer Photo Review

July 6, 2014

Sometimes, things seem very boring.  It seems like the world is so small.  Nothing much happens and it feels like nothing much ever will, but if you look back over just a couple of months, you will see just how big even a small world can be.  (Yes, there might be some repeats.)

wild bunch8Please note: Pictures mostly don’t identify anyone too closely. The few that do have already been plastered all over social media.


Summer really starts right about the time kids go flinging themselves in the air…


Some of them for their last time before there are medals to be won in competition.


Or the last time before they never get a party with a bounce-house again?


Thank you, public school system, thank you!!!

cake cover

No, really, I mean it… this is the version I shared to the rest of the world… YOU’RE Welcome!!!


Right after the bounce houses end, the rollers begin!


Yes, they work nicely!


They go from this bunch of 6th grade brats to…


Yep, a “formal” birthday party.


Seriously, the driver even wore his good tuxedo shirt.

I think the limo comes out of hiding every year right about the time car show season starts around here….


Yep.  Loud and proud… right out there in front of a badass Chevy monster engine.


A seriously terrifying ride. On 100-something year old brick streets lined with people… Yikes!


The beer garden has been packed for a few hours, so, obviously, racing on main street!!!   ‘Murica – that’s why!!!


Then the nastiest cars, and guys who can afford to constantly replace their tires, send up smoke signals…

And then…. car show, car show, car show… see part two.

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