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Summer Photo Review – Part Two

July 6, 2014

Car shows.  Much like the burning of ever pasture in Kansas signals spring, the tiresmoke in Part One really does signal the first big show of my local car club. There are bunches of shows here, mostly in order:

IMG_5845First of all, I have washed up all the Boss Mustangs. The first of many times that I will do that this year, but really only one of three times I will have them all at once.

IMG_5831There are some very, very rare cars inside and outside by the day before the show.

pic58The really shiny stuff comes out the day of the show.

cars2Yes, pretty cool stuff.

IMG_5899And there were even tractors this year, real ones, antiques that I didn’t take pics of, oops.  This is Peaches, a/k/a “Number Three” pulling in a pedal tractor pull.


Because it’s an orange station wagon, that’s why. 


Yep, that’s cool.cars3



Fins and reflections, of course.

65 Rivvy

and what’s a car show without a picture like this?


Then, just when I thought it was time to hang out….


Another car show….


Sort of…

IMG_6466Ok, completely by accident, I happened to drive by a place the Model A club was meeting.  Pretty dang cool stuff on a Wednesday evening.

After the first part of the car show season (again, there are shows every weekend, but that would get old) it’s time to switch gears… up next, part three. Food and fireworks.

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