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Come Into My Garden

June 20, 2014

They finally bloomed today after all this time. The lillies.  There are white and orange, and in the midst of the haphazard chaos that outsiders see in my yard, there is something quite deliberate about the whole thing. Come walk with me…

The lilies finally bloomed today, and they are quite pretty.  Although they bloomed much later than usual, the timing was poetic, and what goes better with flowers than poetry?  The Great State of Texas wrote me a poem today, of my very own.  They must have been trying to make up for the lilies blooming almost a month late…

Here is a stanza from the poem called, The Parole Board Is Meeting A Month Early and You’re About to Get Fucked Again:

“Victim means a person who is the victim of sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, or felony stalking; or has suffered bodily injury or death as a result of the criminal conduct of another.”  – Texas Criminal Code 508.117

The rest of their clever verse is cleverly disguised as a reminder that I may protest parole only if they choose to allow it.  They let me protest as a favor and act of compassion because I am not a victim in the eyes of the law, and I suffered no harm whatsoever under criminal code. Bless Their Hearts.


These are lillies.  This year they are huge.

 According to Greek legend, the white lily is a symbol of innocence, as one who doesn’t comprehend danger.  Orange lilies represent hatred.  Really, you have google, use it.  Yes, I knew that when I planted them.  Most of us in the US associate white lilies with death.  You know, like the white F150 in the background… The lilies are on the opposite corner of the herb and flower garden from the rose – seemed like suitable placement.

faded roses1

Two weeks ago, this heirloom rose in full bloom, covered in literally hundreds of blooms. (Of course that is an old steering wheel used as a trellis, what else would you expect of me?)

The roses are pretty much done now, for a while, so here are some more pretty things I found while trying to erase the ‘Texas Poem’ from my head…

“Won’t you come into the garden?  I would like my roses to see you.” – Richard Brinsley Sheridan


Sage (This plant better get bigger, quick.)

butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush (the butterflies are in the vegetable garden)


Dill (pickles, duh)


Catnip.  (Reeks, but it’s pretty and delicate when it blooms.)


Pansies (used in salads and just because)


Green Beans in bloom (send green bean recipes, please)

fly away

Radishes (the little darlings have gone to seed and we will have them everywhere next year) 

but the butterflies are all over them!!!

faded roses2

Peace roses (a little more blush this year than in the past)


Pink Lady Apples (So many of them this year, you would think they are going to take over the world)

I promise to get out of the garden, and back to a car show, soon… Thanks for taking a walk with me.


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  1. Cowboy permalink

    I grew up on a Farm in the South and at the time I hated it. oh, I loved the figs, pecans, grapes, tomatoes, strawberries and such that we harvested every year. But I hated the work required to keep it up because as the oldest boy, it was my responsibility. Now that I’m older, I find myself planting things in the yard, looking at plants in Home Depot and Lowes.

    I guess I know I’m getting old when I enjoy the pictures of the flowers as much as the cars. Bonus – there was a truck in one of the pics!

    Thanks for the garden walk young lady.


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