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Comment Denied… Balanced Opinion Unappreciated by Red Pill Blogger

April 5, 2014

Judgy Bitch did a nice piece about dating single fathers.  My comment was moderated out.

Here it is, typos and all:

For the first time, I have a real problem with something you’ve written here.  “single” fathers? Really??? Date them? Oh, puh-leeeeze.  These every-other-weekend dudes that claim “single father” are the same assholes who made it possible for worthless twats to pretend that they are “single moms”.  Here is what the “singles” you are writing about really do:

To clue you in on the proper translation of the rhetoric:

“Single dad” in the common (and imaginary vernacular) is a guy who has his kids for FOUR days a month.  Every-other-weekend) Booooooo-motherfucking-hoooooooo. Actual Single Fathers” who have their kids 24/7/365 are like unicorns or chupacbra.  Kudos to anyone who can prove they exist.Compare your “single father” time to someone who has the kids 24/7/365… Four days a month?  Stop calling yourself :”father”, the correct term is “babysitter”.

“Single mom” is the carousel-riding whore who has every-other weekend and sometimes several days during the week free of the ‘burden’ of her kids- all the time collecting child support from the newly “single father” where she can try out different cocks as the mood strikes her because some sperm-donor is funding her kid-free auditions for the next guy who could pay her bills.and the sperm-donor/now single father is court ordered to pay for her “time away” from her kids.

Fuck them both.  Date a Single Dad? Oh. Hell. No.  Not as it is defined by this post or by common language today.  If the man doesn’t have full time, no-holds-barred, complete responsibility – then… He Is Not A Single Father.

If a woman claims “Single Mother” but she has this weekend free? That is a woman who has no idea what it is like to function without the donor of biological material paying for her to go on out and have guilt-free time to fuck. Maybe you can even up the ante…. pay her and become the next guy to fund her lifestyle.  Damn, that better be good pussy….

In either case, I am very, very offended that anyone would build a case that “single” dads – as they are commonly self-identified by 4-day-a-monthers are good dating material.

Good “god” JB – These fakes are just special snowflake “single mothers (TM)” with a penis, except in VERY VERY extraordinary circumstances.

All I can say is, “Wow, JB.  You found this comparison of “single moms’ and ‘single dads” offensive?

Get a grip on your normally balanced point-of-view.  The claim of “single” anything related to parenting is well and properly fucked.  There are very few truly single parents in this world and yet, you think that males pretending to the title are genuine prizes to be coveted and sought-after while the women are sullied tarts to be avoided at all costs.  I cry foul!!!! Neither are to be considered as prize mates unless fully vetted by prospective suitors.  The claim of Single Parent is mightily abused by both sexes.

Lots of love,


(Actual 24/7/365 Single Mother unless you think that I stole the father’s rights through the courts by having the judge rule in my favor because he tried to have all of us killed)

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  1. I’m actually surprised JB moderated your comment out. Normally she doesn’t shy away from disagreement. Though I did notice that all of the comments seem to be disagreeing with her and I can’t help wonder if yours was a little bit too spot on. She definitely got it wrong on this one.

    • Yes, RS I was shocked, too. I rarely make comments, but I normally hang on her every word. Oh well. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  2. Bohemian Rockstar permalink

    The reason she moderated your comment out is that unfortunately, you are being emotive and shallow on the subject at the same time.

    You also blame her for your poor writing and lack of depth and apply no sense of self reflection or analysis.

    Unfortunately, you have written this sounding like a hysterical feminist.

    I have been reading red pill sites since they sprang up, many have come and gone, and I’m probably a very old ex “single dad”, but you could’ve done better.

    I’m just saying that if you want your site to be as well read and edgy as judge bitch, with your own loyal regular lreaders, feel free to emote away, but you should get your facts straight and also work on widening your views.

    For the record, over the last god knows how many years, I have only made a handful of comments on sites, this is my first “negative” one.

    The subject is more complicated than you realize.

    • Thanks for your comment. I suggest that you read what I have written before making further statements.

      You would have better served yourself by actually reading the content instead of being “emotive”. IMHO, I did a nice job of trashing both single moms and dads… You may think the subject is more complicated, but in reality it is FAR less complicated than you imagine.

    • I’m not sure that’s fair considering that JB’s whole persona is built on a whole lot of emoting. She makes good arguments most of the time but I do disagree with her at times because I think she’s so determined to take that man’s side that she can get into some knee-jerk hyperbole– like the single father argument.

      I understand the desire to slam single mothers when so many women jump on the frivorce bandwagon- but I don’t feel okay painting all women with the same brush. I have a sister who is a single mom because her ex left her after getting another woman pregnant. I’m not saying she’s representative of all single moms, but it does happen. Just as some men end up as single fathers by having unprotected sex with women they don’t know very well– I have seen that happen too.

  3. Jimmy permalink

    Sadie, I agree with all that you stated, and am surprised she dumped you. Her article really only applies to us “the unicorns” such as myself who have raised my kids by myself for over 8 years, and I wouldn’t pretend that I am some great catch. I won’t tolerate any bullshit and am ok being alone til my youngest is gone. Potty training a 2 year old girl as a man is ridiculous btw. Both “single moms” and “single dads” who use that term when it doesn’t apply need to be flogged.

  4. Jimmy – I am no “great catch” either… I just feel slighted that either of us was put in the category of “Single” parent. as JB sees it from her easy life as pampered house maiden… Fight the good fight and potty train that baby!!!

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