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Jealousy is the Kingdom of the Beta

February 28, 2014

“I don’t want to get all Alpha-male on you, but this pic makes me mad…”

Darens picSo what?????

“I have to admit, I am a little envious.”

just to share with Brad“you idiot, does it look like the time of my life?”

Ok, I have been talking online with someone nightly, or almost nightly… We have seen each other IRL.  I was captivated.  I got a little moist in my lady-undergarments when he said that he was a little upset that the above pics were made public.  He wanted to “go all Alpha” and say something to put my “date” for the night “on notice” that I was *his girl*… yet he didn’t.  “Too public.” and “that’s just OUR business”  Let me be clear, I like the dude in the pics, but it’s all platonic, and he gets it.  We just want to go out – we are social creatures and inherently prone to giggling at winding up the rumor mill in our small town.   Yet, there is one, Bike Boy, let’s call him that… who I talk to every night, and who was my escort to a big outing… well, he was jealous.

We talked about this at great length tonight, and my offer is thus: “FWB, about 1/2 of the weekends out of the month – exclusively all the time.  Public proclamation of said exclusive status.”  Then probable rejection of that proposal, and a resounding “Let me think about it.”

Bike Boy – another  childless 30-year-old  like B- wants something from me that I don’t have to give… but he won’t say what, exactly.  He only says that what I offer (loyalty and public declaration) is not enough or not right… Well, on the other hand,  Bike Boy does not want daily interaction, i.e. marriage, as an ultimate goal…and seems to not want to just have NSA sex… so what the hell is this???

The one who stand a chance is holding me off.  The one who doesn’t is at my side…It’s a strange reversal of the natural order.  Beta Brat thinks he has options and calls himself “all Alpha” when he is jealous… Date Dude (see pics above) just wants me as arm Candy and knows the chemistry isn’t there.

This is hard.


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