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This is Where the Cowgirl Rides Away

January 23, 2014

The comments on the last post by John and Cowboy told me that I didn’t communicate my fury properly.  Maybe that is because I wrote it while exhausted from slamming in a week’s worth of labor into my weekend off from my regular job.


Started here, Saturday am…


Ended up like this – 38 feet long, nine feet tall.  All, ALL freehand brushwork on the lettering… Why? because I needed the money, and I finished in time to get my oldest kid home for ball practice with one minute to spare.

That was my weekend.  Sorry I didn’t take pics of the food that my Brother-In-Law prepared for me and my kids.  I am still so tired from working 7 days a week, that I can barely hold up my head.  When I came home Sunday afternoon, I was assaulted by “unhaaaaaaaapy” attention whores looking for  2-3 bedroom houses to rent – in a very, very public way.The poor babies, they have to escape abuse or dissatisfaction and social media is the fastest way to purchase a ticket on the pity train.  Yes, men get screwed in divorces, and women have some court-approved, feminist-inspired advantages, but the script has changed.

While you guys are busy crying to your buddies about the gals “taking half” your stuff, the game has changed – The Script Has Changed.  (H/T Cowboy)

Here is the new script:

1) Post on social media to announce your intention to seek housing for yourself and your children.

2) Rather than take the issue to the court through and attorney (because you can’t afford it as a single mom) simply move out while your husband is deployed, on the road for his job, or just on the clock working his ass off to keep his family in the lifestyle that his loving wife insisted upon.

3) Since the Victim and her innocent offspring (not His offspring, hers) have had to move into a sorry ass hovel that is all Momma-Victim can afford, the Victim (without filing for divorce) takes the kids and just a few paltry belongings and goes to social services and “Voila!” Child Support Enforcement instantly makes the man pay.

4) Momma-Victim has no legal obligation to allow visitation, and Daddy government forces lifestyle payments to the Poor Single Momma.

5) Daddy, with no legal way to see his kids files for divorce, seeking Court-backed visitation rights.  But, alas, by the time it reaches the docket, he has a proven track record of not seeing the children.

6) Momma-Victim was well aware that the intact family was living above their means, and conveniently bowed out and moved into a place she could afford, but when the proceedings finally hit the courts,  Daddy is left holding the Debt, because it is now HIS house, his vehicle and his credit card debt.

Momma played the Victim card, and it was all too intolerable and frightening.  She didn’t want the house (because she can’t afford it) She didn’t want the car payment, (because someone sold her a 15 year old minivan for a couple hundred bucks) and the man was such an ogre that he didn’t even try to see his own kids, so the court left him holding the bag on the debt, all of it, so the woman can move on alone as a strong single mom (who gets child support while she is absolved of debt from the marriage).

The pity train moves down the track at full force while daddy still pays all the bills, provides the insurance, and can’t see his kids ever again, and Momma is a victim, Victim of a ‘terrible’ situation.

Welcome to the new paradigm.  Cowboy Hank rightly stated that “the real victims get no notoriety, barely any help and get to play hide-and-seek from their abusers” he just got the script wrong.  Economics and living above your means have created a new script for the purposeful destruction of families by bored wives.

Notwithstanding this blog (which is public out of sheer defiance of my reality) I am pretty quiet about the literal threat to my life and my tenuous financial situation from day to day and bill to bill.

The feminist agenda, political talking points and the mainstream media’s push to make everyone aware of Domestic Violence DO diminish my access to services, but they also over-inflate the statistics regarding instances of REAL, ACTUAL, DOCUMENTED physical abuse in male-female relationships  to the point where bored housewives or school teachers wanting to escape crushing mountains of debt can claim ABUSE and walk away scott-free.

American women.  I am ashamed to be one.  Since this was so serious, I will leave you with this link:

It’s horrible, and racist and accurate.

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  1. Naw, I agree with you on all points. You’re just better at expressing it. I’d say it’s a combination of being smacked around for putting things badly when I’m seriously angry, and tiredness from too bloody much going on right now; but more than that, you’re just better at giving their ass the point of your shoe. These days I’m way too often around any number of Heroic Single Moms, only 1 of which could conceivably be though of as not being at fault for the mess she’s in. She’s also the only one not following the exact script you listed above. The others, well… The watering down of concepts I mentioned earlier is in full swing, and real problems don’t get addressed when exaggeration is assumed. It’s disgusting.

  2. Cowboy Hank permalink

    A post written for me ( and John)? I do feel so privileged.

    In my last post I was (heh) agreeing and amplifying your sentiments. There are some true victims out there you have gone through crap that other “victims” will never know. Like, oh say an ex husband who tried to have his wife killed – stuff like that. Your fury came through clearly BTW – you should write a book.

    I’m a happily married man with three kids working to make ends meet and make the marriage work. My wife works herself to supplement and to work with me in our marriage of 16 years. We sit back and watch the victimization of almost everything in our society, shake our heads and say “what a shame” until that victimization crap comes knocking on the door of a close relative who is having a difficult time in her marriage of 4 years. Everyone, including respected family members, wanted her to take him to the cleaners and get out of the marriage so she could be happy. Well, not everyone – I told her to work it out and that if she isn’t happy now, she won’t be happy after the divorce. My advice won the day and they are now reconciling.

    But that is only one “success”; it seems every other woman initiates “the script”. And while I generally could care less what goes on in the lives of others, one can’t help but be concerned about where our society is heading.

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