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Seeking Victim Status

January 21, 2014

From Crime Survivors group on fb:

“Are your dreams halted because of the abuse and victimization you experienced? As a survivor have you no hope that dreams can come to fruition in your life and you believe that there is no personal healing? Please know that you can change this, you are worthy, you have survived for a purpose and you can choose to make change in your life and all your hopes and dreams are possible, you are a survivor that is worthy to live and thrive!”

Ah, yes.  This is utter bullshit.  The reality as a Survivor of a real, not perceived, crime is utter servitude The System.  If you have money to buy the food to feed your kids, it is because of some subsidy or another.  Maybe you qualify for SNAP/ “food stamps” by virtue of your income, or some agency or another pays your bills.  Either way, your dreams of anything, anything at all are stopped dead, like you would have been if not for some dramatic, perhaps supernatural, intervention.  You are ‘worthy’ but the thought that you can change anything you now face is a bold-faced lie.

Survivors of serious crimes, the ones where their aggressor is incarcerated, do not receive child support.  Even if child support is mandated by the courts, the Child Support Enforcement Agency sends you a letter informing you that the order is “unenforceable” due to the potential for “extreme violence”.

Married families with two able bodied parents barely make ends meet.  Now, you are On Your Own.  There will never, ever be child support.  Some random agency will pay for your relocation to ensure that you are really, truly starting over and have no support system at all.  They will pay for your relocation, and then you are “free to choose to make a change in your life” and “all your hopes and dreams are possible”  Thrive on!!!! Meanwhile…

A bunch of bullshit will tale place on social media.  People will get engaged, get married, and file for divorce from perfectly decent guys.  They post looking for a house to rent because their husband was “MEAN” and they want to go it ON THEIR OWN…. Please take a minute to grieve for these Victims.  They are leaving the comfort of their quarter-million dollar homes and need your sympathy.  Their husbands stupidly financed their lifestyles and took the kids to-and-fro.  Typically, Red Pill “widsom” says that the women just file for court-protected favor.  They keep the house, get ridiculous amounts of money and have carte-blanche to deprive the children of the father.  Not so anymore…

Twice in the past two weeks, I have seen “mothers” ask on fb for houses to rent and they just simply move out with the kids so they can go it on their own.  The courts must be getting wise to the typical divorce porn scenario so these women are choosing to make a public case of being victims.  WHICH ABSOLVES THEM OF GOING TO COURT TO ‘PROVE’ ANYTHING, AND PUTS THE BURDEN ON THE MAN TO REGAIN HIS RIGHTS TO SEE HIS CHILDREN.  Now, instead of just either party filing for divorce, the woman moves out, denying the father of the kids even some little court-sanctioned chance to see them.  When the hearings are finally on the docket, the judge just hears how the mother has been caring for the kids alone for MONTHS.

This is a far worse scenario than some blow-up that leads to having your bags packed…. Your wife just leaves, you are blind-sided and pray, and beg, and wait for her to come back.  That all seems like you are a patient family man, but makes you look like a punk that didn’t care so in the end, you PAY and your kids are gone from your life.  The Baby Momma, gets to play (quite publicly) Victim – without ever having to actually be a victim.  If I am not disgusted by this legal slight of hand, then I am totally sickened by these women pretending that they are taking a walk in my shoes.  All they are doing is spending a few months playing at poverty and waiting for a paycheck while removing all chance that they have to allow someone else to have influence over their children.  No one will ever send them a letter saying that they will never get the child support they need to keep the lights on….

Yes, I am jealous of the late-model vehicles they drive, furious at their expensive houses, and hate them for their housekeepers.  So what? I just offered you a friendly warning about the latest trick in the divorce wars.  My life won’t change, maybe yours will.


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  1. It’s always the watering down of the word. “Victim” now meaning pretty much anything at all, just to get the emotional response from the word. Any number of other words have endured this, and few have recovered. Come to think of it, I’m not sure of a single one. Then these “victims” of their own boredom or heartlessness go on to demand recognition for their Strength! and Empoweredness! and other cliched bullshit. If they were strong they wouldn’t need someone else’s power in the first place. And they certainly wouldn’t need it to be given to them – which is the true, and nonsensical, meaning of “empowered.”

    But the best part (said the cynic) is the demand, right off the bat, that these “victims” be given respect. Even more than power, it is not given, but earned. And while people will do things for victims, they do not respect them.

  2. Cowboy Hank permalink

    So true John considering the latest and greatest American “victim” – Wendy Davis.

    I swear it’s like a script that is pre-installed into some women, awaiting activation at the right time.
    1) find a sucker
    2) milk him for all he has
    3) become un-happy
    4) take more of his stuff in divorce

    Meanwhile the real victims in society get no notoriety, barely any help, and get to play hide-and-seek from their abusers.

  3. John and Cowboy Hank, the next post is for you both.

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