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Socialism on Wheels

January 17, 2014

I have been very, very busy lately working on a local rod & cycle run.  Everyday after work, I rush home to the computer and work on the registration documents, sponsorship forms, press releases, thank you letters, and the every-present pain-in-the ass Guidebook for the actual event.  I have invited several thousand of my closest friends to the event via social media, and have secured commitments to attend from some fairly big-name folks on the car show circuit. After meetings in a couple of towns (which I had to take off work for – loss of time on the clock) I was informed last night that the husband of the lady who wants to make this wonderful event a big success is a socialist prick.  Even though the information is already out there and was discussed ad nauseum, in print, Mr. Husband feels that asking for sponsors is “greedy” and insulting to for-profit commercial businesses, and the only money that should be raised must come exclusively from pre-registered vehicles.

Here’s a break-down of the prices:

Participant – gets to go on the run, has priority parking (a/k/a is in the car show, not directed to a side-street) Gets a guidebook, two passes (which give them exclusive discounts from Sponsors) and they are eligible for trophies at the awards ceremony.

Participant, non-show car – We want everyone to enjoy the nice ride from the starting towns to the main event.  Anyone in their shitty minivan can come along for the ride but when they get to the town where the show is located, they aren’t going to park on historic Main Street or in the park.  They can get a guide book for $5 or just go for free.

Sponsor: $25 – gets all the same benefits of a Participant PLUS the business name will be announced repeatedly throughout the event by the emcee, be featured in printed materials like the Guidebook and on a large (LARGE) sign at the main car show. Any sponsor can also designate (at no additional cost) an award or trophy of their own choosing AND can have flyers or coupons included in the registration packet.  So, basically, for $10 bucks they get advertising for the next 4 months and carte blanche to promote themselves as they see fit.  If they send the flyers or coupons, the “event” will pay the postage and give them web presence.

Non-profits, towns, museums, historic sites: $0, yep, ZERO DOLLARS. Included in the Guidebook, able to send flyers for registration packets, use us in their advertising, offer to lick private body parts of participants at NO COST just to get folks to stop in their town and hopefully, come back.  If they just ask, we will toss them some free participant badges, and let them award an award or five at the car show.  FOR NO MONEY WHATSOEVER.

Enter, Captain Socialism.  All of a sudden, he decided (after all the above info has been disseminated) that charging businesses for advertising an event that will bring several hundred people to their towns at break even prices is GREEDY.  EVEN ASKING THEM TO DISCOUNT THEIR SERVICES IS “EXTORTION”.  All money collected should be collected up front from the Participants (you know, the people driving here in the vehicles the spent thousands of dollars to build/restore, who are also spending a tank loads of fuel to grace us with their presence) Because businesses should not be asked to pay to promote themselves, but private individuals should.  Because, that makes perfect sense and the source of this reason and logic is a self-proclaimed professional photographer who showed up a a motorcycle rally that was a charity event to raise money to provide Thanksgiving Dinners to families of recovering wounded soldiers and then CHARGED THEM FOR THE PICTURES HE TOOK.

Shortly after i bowed out of promoting this event and assisting in organizing it, Captain Socialism posted pics of things that he wants to have printed and available for sale the day of the event… Forget my abject embarrassment at promoting, and now, backing out of this event.  Forgive me my hubris for not wanting to board the Titanic while it just hit a freaking iceberg… Please, tell the Lord and Master Marketer at to go promote himself.  Go, Tom, GO!!!



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