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Starting Over, Starting Tomorrow

August 18, 2013

Last night I went out for a beer with a friend.  Specifically, with one of B’s old buddies from their high school days.  We met at a seedy little hole in the wall bar, two beers, home before 8, but it gave me a reason to bother to shower and get dressed up. Sigh.  The dude has been really nice to me via fb, and he is trying to be supportive, but I am not sure he has ever had a girlfriend, so his advice seems a little suspect.  I don’t know that for sure, but something tells me that is probably the case.  Poor guy, he is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  (I’m guessing that all-y’all here in Red Pill land know exactly what that means…)

And in what I can only describe as an epic WTF, I was going through the laundry from Brandon’s house and found a pair of women’s panties. So he must have secretly been a cross dresser…because that’s the OBVIOUS EXPLANATION. Even better, they are Walmart brand size XL as in OMG  are those panties or a fucking tent? Thought I would take a quick picture of them before deciding what to do with them, but, seriously, anyone that big needs to cover their shit up…


What is that a fucking tent???

(Mine are on top for size reference.)

I certainly do not want to have any items in my possession that belong to B, so I am going to make sure that they are returned to him immediately.  Since his father controls his finances and the rest of his life as well, it is probably best the parcel is ship the item to him in care of his father. (Hahaha, no, don’t jump all over me, I actually thought better of it and threw them away, but it was tempting.)

I start my new job tomorrow, woo hoo! Here’s to new beginnings…


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  1. David Sutton permalink

    New beginnings.Yes! Way to go, Sadie. Best of luck!

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