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Woman Overboard; Man Tossed Aside by Own Father

August 7, 2013

I heard myself say tonight, repeatedly, “I’m sorry” ‘I’m sorry” “I’m sorry” “I should have kept my mouth shut”

Victim (TM) training kicked in.  I apologized over and over and over again.  B’s dad told him just 24 hours ago, “Son, I do not agree with your choices, but I support your decisions as a Man”…. Then the sorry motherfucker had eviction papers served.  Fourteen days to vacate a farm held for 4 generations.  I started this by telling Uncle J that I would call Adult Protective Services…

B’s Dad “” named me in his lawsuit.  Now, my full legal name is in the public domain.  Ummmm, I will now have to give you all up, the few of you regular readers…. because my legal Victim Protection Program is violated and my REAL name is in the local paper… FML


More tomorrow time and legal conventions permitting… plus the packing… because I LOVE packing up my whole fucking life at a moment’s notice.

I want to say  that I love B.  Beta ways and all, he is one of the kindest men I have ever met, and even though he is very well equipped to be Alpha,  neither of us can stand against the assault of his father.  I love B but cannot stand the threat of physical harm that will come to my children.  No man is worth that.  I have been outed.  Sorry. Thanks to those of you who follow along, but this will have to come to a halt if I can find no legal remedy for my ACTUAL info becoming public.


“Sadie Sue”

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  1. The whole situation completely sucks. My husband & I are going through difficulties with his family (compounded by a very predatory BIL), so I can totally commiserate. Our situation isn’t as dire as yours. YET. Good luck with everything.

  2. David Sutton permalink

    I’m so sorry! Prayers keep coming for you.

    I still think a good right hook will solve many problems.

  3. Peregrine John permalink

    Just damn. Faintest up-side ever: This is clearly a last ditch effort on the part of a desperate old fool.

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