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Why This Doesn’t Suck

August 2, 2013

B has gone into warp speed growing up.  The battle with his dad is HARD,and it will continue, but even though “It Sucks”… it specifically Does Not Suck.  The difficulties we have, with B’s dad being basically insane (wait for it) are only making him more determined to be on his own.  Attorneys have been contacted, paperwork obtained and last night, he told me, not ASKED me, to come home to his place.  Then this morning…

The girls and I left the farm only to see that B’s dad was watching from his porch to see when we left.  Turns out, B’s dad goes to B’s house each and every freaking time we leave.  Ummm, to sniff my 8 year old’s panties, to check out my dresser drawers, to go through B’s financial papers??? No telling, but we have taken steps to make it obvious what has been disturbed.  And It Is Clear that all of the above are not only possible, but plausible and LIKELY.  Yes, as diabolical as it seems, a third grader’s panties, neatly folded in a specific order, and my unmentionables, are OUT of ORDER.  Not to mention B’s bank statements and 401K folders are intact, but the folders themselves are not as he left them… hmmm, that’s a thinker…

After the ultimatum was issued by B’s dad and he then watched my kids and I leave this morning and yesterday morning and then rifled through our stuff… momma had a dementia-rage-fueled “accident” this morning… likely she will be transported back to a secure facility today.  B is there now.  His dad? not there… nope, left after he incited the rage (oh, crap, I just blogged that???).  Oh, BUT, B’s dad is demanding $  in the EXACT amount that B lives on each month after paying his bills.  Aren’t coincidences funny things?? Now,  under the threat of LAW, I can’t go to B’s house.  Not that I couldn’t handle it, but I just don’t need the drama. I feel really good to have been there last night with my man… just that today isn’t feeling so lucky.  Damn, I would be inclined to say “this sucks” but it is making B step up, so Unlucky turns out to be a gold mine of Alpha learning experience… so this doesn’t suck afterall…. or it does, hard to say right now.

Stay tuned,… hearts and love and cherubs farting rainbows and such




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  1. Peregrine John permalink

    I’m athink one of these between the top and next-to-top item in the unders drawer could inspire a certain repentance.

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