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Pin Up Contest and Car Show Picture Blog

July 30, 2013

So, I did the Pin Up Contest… Here it is in pictures, with some car show pics just because I did actually spend some time with the camera.  I will tell you more about it in a day or two, so this is just a teaser before I get around to the writing part:

Accepting defeat

Just so there is no suspense, I accepted my absolutely nothing for 4th runner up pretty gracefully.

All the girls

Here are all the contestants on the first day.  Obviously, the rules about not having anything too short or showing bare midriffs were strictly enforced (cough, cough).

before the show

Here I am right before we left for the show. (Hurry up, B, the rain is making my hair fall)

close up

Finally got the hair do right.

orange flowers

I was tired of the posing pretty early on…

taking it off

Just play me some stripper music, please.

top 6

Here is the Top 6 from the contest, yep… I am pretty happy about making top 6 against a bunch of 20-somethings!

wiping car 1

Yes, dear, I would love to wipe down the car before the contest starts.

Salina 043

Watched the dude fro Bill Hines’ shop do some top-chopping

Salina 059

loved the detail on this rat rod

Salina 061

Who thinks all show cars are shiny? Haha, not anymore!

Salina 062

Cummins motor, dually and check out the size of exhaust on this beast!

Salina 066

Possibly the coolest paint ever, but those louvers are a bitch to keep clean.

Salina2 037

Two-tone Buick convertible with super straight body, and I have no idea what is reflected in it, but it was a nice car too.

Salina2 051

Yeah, is there a problem???

Salina 004

Did I mention that louvers are a real pain in the backside to clean?

Salina 040

This is a real, honest-to-goodness leadsled.  The thing rests on the ground, holy wow!

brandon award 1

Out of about 2100 cars, look who got a Top 25 award!  Woo Hoo, B!!!

Hope you enjoy the photos, I will get around to telling you all about the drama pretty soon.  Right now, I just want to enjoy editing pictures of shiny and not so shiny cars.  Vrooom, vroom!

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  1. darlingdoll permalink

    How fun! You look great 🙂

  2. David Sutton permalink

    Absolutely loved it! Say, did you see any poodle skirts with about 25 starrched crinoline petticoats
    making the skirts stand out about 6 feet in all directions?

  3. Thanks, Doll!

    David, no poodle skirts, but if you know someone who wants one, there is a real vintage one here in my hometown. I would have it in my closet but the waist is probably close to a 36″, so sadly, too large for me to have altered to my size. Stay tuned for a little more commentary on the contest and an update on B’s situation. I am working on those posts now.

  4. Peregrine John permalink

    That looks like a ton of chromey (and rusty) fun, I gotta say. The Buick is scrumptious.

    Nice job holding your own against them young’n’s! Cuteness in heels, you are, and many congratulations to B as well.

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