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Scoop on the girly stuff

July 30, 2013

After all the dust has cleared, and that miserable liquid eyeliner has been put back in the drawer, I have been getting caught up on some of the blogs that I missed during the car show trip.  The timing is especially relevant for me after my experience at the Pin Up Contest. I have gotten lots of positive feedback over my photos and dress, but the experience wasn’t exactly all hearts and flowers, so speaking of flowers…

more july 2013 009

Sunshine Mary, thanks for your post on girly stuff like clothes and gardening! and thank you too, lovelyleblanc for giving us examples of appropriate clothing.

stripper gear

More than one of the girls was a professional.  This little darling was a “dancer”… I am sure it was ballet, because this costume had Velcro on it to help her with changing quickly.

The rules of the contest and the reality were miles apart.  Out of the top 6, I was the only person who was there for the car show.  That might seem like sour grapes, but it’s not.  I did well considering that the competition was full of girls, young girls who not only dressed inappropriately on stage, but also wore similar outfits off stage – without any hint of shame.  Sigh.  There was no small amount of animosity from the “car girls’ directed at the pretty-only crowd.

Brookes Hubs

See this bad-ass dude here? His wife is a real-life pin up, even off stage she dresses the part, but she also is one of the most knowledgeable and friendly women I have ever met.  She isn’t the youngest, the prettiest, or (P.S. props to this couple for getting the best grille award.) 

What really made me angry is that at a show that size, there are lots of lovely women in the crowd who are dressed in clothing that is feminine, appropriate and period-correct.  They are classy and knowledgeable about the vehicles, and they do not subject themselves to the scrutiny of the judges.  Now I know why, and I won’t ever do it again, either.  I did learn some valuable lessons and the feedback I got from basically everyone else was nothing short of impressive, as one other blogger mentioned in the past few days, positive feedback is marvelous!

While I wear dresses or skirts on a regular basis, I usually do it at home, car shows or for museum events, because many of my vintage or re-pop dresses border on “costume-y” I have been resistant to wearing them out and about in my small town to avoid negative feedback.  Not. Any. More.  I am reasonably sure that I didn’t open a door for myself, including the car door more than 10% of the time.  Both men and women were extremely pleasant and there were no shortage of compliments.  People are just so much nicer when I am dressed up.  It wasn’t the uncomfortable experience that it would be around here with a constant barrage of, “Why are you so dressed up?” and I don’t think that I care anymore if people around here take a while to get their heads around my wanting to be dressed in pretty clothes. I want to do it and it makes me happy.  More importantly, it makes B happy.

Salina2 030

See? Happy.  Also, we were lucky enough to get  a copy of this photo, but when he was wearing his sexy fedora, we had LOTS of photos taken, including one by the Rod and Custom photographer!

So, dressing nicely isn’t just for women.  It is apparently so rare that people wanted to take pics of us together, without even being by his car.  I was shocked by it, but he was more shocked, much more shocked.  There is no way to explain to someone who has never experienced it what it feels like to have random strangers ask to take your picture.  Really.  WE are important enough to warrant someone taking out their cell phone to photograph us??? W.T.H? I wasn’t even wearing vintage in the above photo of us.  (Heads-up, ladies – Dress Barn has great dresses, and they are inexpensive – that dress was $18.)  I suppose that I am still a little confused as to why people wanted to take pictures of us as well, but B was ear-to-ear smiles especially once he figured out that people didn’t want to take my pic, they wanted OUR picture… hmmm, it’s a mystery, a happy one, and as it turned out, we needed to soak up all the happiness that we could for what came next…

The difficulties that we face to not belong in this post,  I will get to that next, but this is your warning that if you have a heart, the next post will make you furious!

Note to the ladies, if you want to have a list of the hair products that helped me do the retro hair, or where I get my clothes, just let me know, I will be happy to share that info with you.  As Donal Graeme mentioned here, if in doubt, retro is an option.

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  1. Thanks for the links.

    That young lady you provided a picture of is yet further proof why tattoos should be avoided. Female skin is a beautiful thing, but that ink on her legs completely destroys the harmony.

    Oh, and I love the glasses. Retro all the time isn’t my thing, but I like it in measured doses.

  2. Donal, thank you for your posts and your comments. I provided the pic of the professional stripper, ahem, ballet dancer, haha, to show the contrast between modest attire and that which was rewarded contrary to contest rules.

    You were absolutely spot on giving out a compliment to the lady you mentioned in your post who was dressed in feminine clothes. Encouraging that is a small but important step in getting every one back to modest (but I believe sexier) dress.

    • Funny you should mention “modest but sexy”, because I think it is important to distinguish between sexy and “slutty.” I see a lot of the latter, but not too much of the former. To me, sexy is not simply about showing as much skin as possible, but rather showing just the right amount, in just the right way.

  3. Glad you said that, Donal, I hope that I got it right (you can see on the picture blog how I dressed) I thought that minimal cleavage and dresses barely above the knee were appropriate and decent, but only lots of skin was rewarded… oh well. I tried to set an example, and only partially succeeded.

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