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Fresh News and Fire Pits

June 25, 2013

Rapid overview of the past few weeks:

A couple of weeks ago, I had the displeasure of being interviewed by the Parole Board for the purpose of protesting The Evil One’s release.  In my abject panic over that conversation, I totally convinced myself that It. Did. NOT. Go. Well.  Silly, emotionally-driven creature that I am, I fell off the cliff of cold, hard logic into a boiling pit of tears and fear.  So much so that my sister asked, no ORDERED me to compose myself and come up to her house.  I was such a sniveling mess that I could not have wanted to see B less, but Dear Sis had no part of that, so B got to see me at my absolute worst.  Snot and tears, all for naught because parole was denied, but the panic was quite real. FML

So, as a result of that I spent almost 2 weeks without my kids.  B and I had a great time, sort of…  I spent a bunch of time working on the yard at B’s farm.  Forty-five bags of mulch later, I had some pretty half-ass looking flower beds.  Twenty bags of mulch after that, things started looking pretty good, and then the screaming started.  No just regular screaming; not a fight or anything like that because B and I are far too boring for that – we even went to *mart one night when more exciting people were on actual dates.  Blood-curdling screams  came from next door.  <<sigh>> Even boring people have their issues to deal with…

B’s mom and dad live next door.  Momma is in the intermediate-to-advanced stages of Alzheimer’s.  B got to witness the chaos first-hand.  The whole episode was heartbreaking, and made me feel like a miserable pile of crap for bitching about how Momma and Pop show up unannounced – constantly. Yes, I am am bitch.  My mom just shows up half lit-up with my sister, scrutinizes my yardwork and kidnaps my kids so I have free time.  Poor me, cue the pity-party music… B has it hard, really hard, and since I have at least one reader who is nearby, I have to stop here.  B’s family is “known” here and I need to STFU about it, because what I have to say isn’t pretty.  Nutrition, decent care… shhhhhhhh

Oh the heels of the Parole Board hearing, I was interviewed, ahem, grilled by some Crisis Center workers who needed to determine my ability to perform as a guest speaker for training their workers.  I passed, but not at all without personal fallout.  After the two hour long interview, I was dead tired.  Done.  It was grueling, although it seemed easy during the questioning.  I am Not A Victim, I am a Survivor, but it still kicked my ass.  Writing an hour-long presentation will be excruciating, and that is part of the reason that I haven’t been on top of blogging.

Then there was the family reunion… I retrieved my kids from Mom and Dear Sis and a few days later, there was the family reunion.   I despise my own family reunions, and going to B’s was spectacularly awkward. Most everyone was old, OLD.  Just a few people even remotely near my age and Bras are good, check into that, PLEASE.  Oh, and stop attention-whoring on facebook.  I polished up my fake-nice skills and tolerated it, but just barely. Seriously, it cost a lot of money to have that meal… soggy meat all covered in mystery brown goo, and no one played up the stories of the uncle’s 120 mile and hour car chases through military bases, FAIL!!! It could have been an EPIC experience, but, sadly, old folks planned it.  Younger people need to take care to take the reins and keep family traditions alive and teach the younger ones to look up to the older ones, or at the very least, admire the bravery and stupidity of the elders!

I would tell you more details about all of it, but, sadly, we had another round of storms this morning and there are sticks and branches everywhere in the yard, both at my house and at B’s farm.  I swear, I have spent half the summer pulling weeds and picking up sticks.  At least there is the awesome fire pit to look forward to, or there would be if all the wood wasn’t soaked from the rain.  Oh, and I could take pictures of pretty flowers, but the hail last night beat my flowers half to death.  I am almost looking forward to 98 degrees with no wind tomorrow because it will give the mosquitoes a chance to eat me alive… not really, but I will post more soon.



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  1. David Sutton permalink

    Respect and empathy. What a terrible few months you’ve had. Karma HAS to swing your way soon.

  2. David, this is just par for the course here. I have to heavily edit my thoughts because I am dangerously close to saying too much. I sincerely appreciate your respect and empathy. Thank you!

    Wish I could say more about B’s Momma, but my previous posts hit a little too close to home. (literally)

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