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Women’s work (and girls, too) Tornado Clean-up

May 21, 2013

Today, several men showed up to help with the clean-up.  Truck, trailer and tractor #1, random friend who took the day off work…


Truck and trailer #2 (dumped 9 times today)… Thanks, Uncle J!!!


Grain hauler provided by one of the nicest guys ever, who also happens to be a multi-millionaire, but aint too proud to lend a hand.  Proof that being filthy rich doesn’t make you an asshole….


Woo Hoo we can see the foundation of the building!


Oh, dang… forgot to say the roof is several yards away and must be cut up with a “saws-all” reciprocating saw…. 50×60′ sections of roof, that takes a while… Never fear, the big-ass John Deere with a grapple loader on the front is here… See the bucket? It is loaded in this picture… It reminds me of a crazy movie transformer, but in action, it’s more like “Hulk Smash!!!”


Still more cutting up of the roof sections… Two additional friends in the background. They are finishing up their third meal of the day because, men like to eat when the are doing heavy lifting… So..




Wonder what women and girls do when the men work??? That’s right, be kind; gracious; loving; QUIET; stay out of the freaking way; bring drinks; prepare food.

I made three meals today for 6-14 people (depending on the meal) and we went through 4 gallons of iced tea.  The logistics of doing that “on the fly” are total bullshit in comparison to the devastation in Moore, OK today, but nevertheless, I am telling you about it anyway.  So I am an asshole, sue me… My point is that there are real-world reasons why traditional gender roles (and stereotypes/archetypes) exist.

My “place” today was to be a kind hostess.  My daughters were to be polite and stay out of the way.  While the work is far from done, and I barely moved a splinter of barn rubble, I performed a valuable service which did not go unnoticed by the men who volunteered.  I was appreciated, valued and looked at as somewhat of a curiosity by the men who lent a hand, and equipment, and sweat… While two of them had fat, angry girlfriends who texted constantly…  No wonder MGTOW!!! Christ, I could have used a hand with breakfast or lunch or dinner.  Right after school, on the day before their last day, my daughters, did as they were told (they don’t always, they are still children) … My girls did “children are seen and not heard” while Men working were fed evening meal… while they got text messages asking them to bring home supper. Holy crap. What a social and cultural disaster.

In case you are wondering, I wasn’t wearing a pretty dress.  I picked food that was fast to prep and it was NOT Paleo, I had on “work clothes” and no make up, but “the boys” had fun with me when they realized that I was there to make their work easier… Comments like, “Damn, Bitch, we need a little iced tea were met with (GASP) a glass of iced tea!!! Yes, they were “feeling their oats” a bit, but at the end of the day, two of them tried to give me money for taking care of them during the day while they worked – for free – just because I was a good hostess.  My boyfriend is proud and he gained some ‘man cred’ because I know how to make a freaking sandwich… See that wasn’t so hard, was it???

I promise to revisit this issue when I have time to give it some thought. If you read what I write, you are expecting me to just bust on fat chicks and crappy food, but I promise to use this experience as a spring board to attack screechy feminists soon…

Stay tuned,

Love Sadie

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  1. That’s fantastic! I very much want to go help, as well, but finances and distance (I live in South
    Carolina) dictate against it.

    I admire you and the men who were able to do the work.

  2. David, we will get it handled. Thanks for your offer to help! I f you can help anyone, please help in OK! My point was that Men do Men’s Work and Women need to to Women’s Work, and we all take care of each other.

    Really, the big “hulk smash” tractor is a $250K sight to behold… Wish you were here just to see it in action! Thanks for your support!

  3. sqt permalink

    Isn’t it crazy that old-fashioned manners are…. well, old-fashioned? We had some guys here installing a hot tub in the middle of summer last year (we’re good at timing things like that) when it was over 100 degrees outside. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that men working on a hot day need water, but they were so appreciative when I brought it out that I could tell it wasn’t a courtesy they were used to receiving.

    I’m sorry your barn was destroyed, but really glad it wasn’t your house. Last year my brother had a tornado come within a few feet of his back door on its way to destroy most of the street he lived on. Scary stuff.

  4. Yes, it is odd that they men helping were fascinated with being brought meals and drinks all day long. If everyone had ‘old-fashioned’ manners, they women of the guys helping would have been there to lend a hand… <> There is much ado about the lack of chivalry, but what the hell has happened to the civility of women???

    • sqt permalink

      I totally agree. Chivalry only went out of fashion when women stopped taking care of their men.

    • Tim permalink

      Still, you should demand respect. A guy that says “Damn, Bitch, we need a little iced tea” doesn’t deserve respect. Manners and politeness work both ways. And I say this as a fully red-pill dude.

      • Tim,

        There is a lot of back-story here that I didn’t have time to write, rest assured- the iced tea comment wasn’t disrespectful even though the language may seem objectionable..

        Considering the entire context of the situation, and the personality of the guy who said it, it was actually more of a backwards compliment. I have a love-hate relationship with the guy who said that, and we are constantly fake-bickering with each other. No one else would have dared to speak to me that way, but coming from that individual, it makes perfect sense. My apologies for not providing more context in the original post,

        While you are absolutely right that manners and politeness go both ways, sometimes they aren’t expressed with the nicest words, but only with actions.

  5. Mina permalink

    I love this – as a formerly “strong and independent feminist” although married to great a alpha-type male who I tried (and failed) to put under my thumb for years (the man is a saint!) I embrace your ideals … not only do I appreciate them but finally also UNDERSTAND them. Thank your for re-breaking old ground for all of us women who almost … could have been … maybe should have been … divorced and left for more mallable prettier and younger women long ago! 🙂 I can only say thanks to women like you and men like Ian Ironwood for showing me the way.

  6. Mina, thank you so much for your kind words! I just ready this: and I think you will really enjoy it. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  7. Mina permalink

    🙂 yes, Stingray and I are pretty well-acquainted! Thank you.

  8. Belle of the Library permalink

    Love finding a Midwestern blogger. I’m about 20 minutes north of you!

    • Belle, that is awesome! Nice to meet you neighbor, hand in there, looks like we are in for it tonight again. 😦

      • Belle of the Library permalink

        Ugh… that sucks. I lost power last time and don’t feel like it again… neither does my lineman dad.

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