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Tornado damage

May 20, 2013

tornado damage 015 tornado damage 016 tornado damage 017 tornado damage 018 tornado damage 019 tornado damage 020 tornado damage 026 tornado damage 028 tornado damage 036 tornado damage 037

150 year old barn demolished… 40 year old fruit trees twisted off at the top and all the branches laid gently down (hahaha “gently”) path of the tornado shown through the field across the road and cleaning up in yet another storm… BUT the government, FEMA bastards say straight line winds….

Oh, BTW barn pics show the Northwest side of the barn, taken from the Southeast side of the former structure…

Please, readers, give me a few days to post again in a post of the style that you are used to… Rest assured, I am still against VictimCulture and FatChicks!!!

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  1. darlingdoll permalink

    Wow that’s insane! Is this your property?

  2. My boyfriends’s but mine had the ceiling fall in the upstairs… prayers (as your beliefs permit) appreciated… several tens of thousands of dollars done)

  3. darlingdoll permalink

    Sending prayers and well wishes your way

  4. Saint Velvet permalink

    Glad you weren’t hurt. The barns around us have been there forever but they always seem a bit precariously postured so I’m never surprised when one goes. But dang, those fruit trees? I’ve seen the canopy of a pecan grove blown perpendicular to the ground in a bad storm but not a single one was snapped off. That was NOT “wind”. Annoying.

  5. I spent the day making lunch and fetching tea for the guys. We are less than 1/3 of the way through cleaning up the mess. I will post about “women’s work’ soon. 🙂 More pictures to come!

    …Meanwhile, we are thankful that we aren’t in Moore OK… Those folks need some serious prayers. The devastation is frightening!

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