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First Certified Troll of Pure Unfounded Hate

May 18, 2013

“What a nasty bitch you are. What happened to make you such a miserable person? (Need a few more carbs, maybe?) Not surprised you’re so into rage addict Nikoley.”


Got my first certified Troll.  Holy shit… My experiences and what brought me to blog do not meet the standards of some random cow… Eeeeekkkkk!

Give CarbSanity (no link-love earned)  the love that is richly deserved…

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  1. darlingdoll permalink

    Bound to happen. The topics on most blogs like yours (and mine) are not well liked. Haters gonna hate 🙂

  2. Congratulations. How exciting!

  3. I know, Velvet and doll! Pretty nice feeling to be called a Nasty Bitch … makes me fee a little naughty! Just think, that is because I want people to buy real food and cook meals! Holy crap, I am EVIL

  4. Natasha permalink

    Well, what do I know?! Sadie does have a blog, and I am very happy I found it. I am a long-time lurker at Free The Animal, and became quite a fan of your comments there, Sadie. So, for one troll (and OMG, how the word fits!), you gained one more fan.

  5. Hilarious. I love how screechy she is 😀

  6. Update: I would love to have played along in the comments, but I have other unexpected things to deal with… Last night we had an “unofficial” tornado. Stay tuned for photos…

  7. Beat her up with your modem!

  8. sqt permalink

    Lol. At least you know you’re doing something right if you have the fatties (the carb comment is the tip off) all riled up.

  9. Yes, I make the big-uns’ all riled up… I have little use for that garbage, even though I am content with disagreement, I do not tolerate unfounded anger.

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