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Breaking Beta

May 6, 2013

Ian, in response to Breaking Beta, and for the benefit for anyone who chooses to read this:

Ian writes, “They aren’t shoving us up on a pedestal . . .” Yes, yes, dear, I am shoving my man onto the pedestal because that is the only way that I can think of to undo the soul-crushing feminization that kept him from being a wonderful, panty-wetting Man that he was at his birth. Either his empowered dominant momma or his subjugated nice-guy father trained or brainwashed his beautiful masculinity out of him.

Guys, please forgive my snowflaking, and stop for a minute and stop your broad generalizations.  I can scream “The heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care” all I want, but if you don’t listen, then it is wasted.  Men, listen to Ian, women, listen up.  I am not qualified to instruct men.  I probably have little to offer to wives, but if you are “single” or in a relationship, or just want one, pay attention!

That Alpha you seek is RARE.  Since Simone de Beauvoir said the choice to stay at home must be removed.  Wanting to be in control is a social construct that you have to overcome. I won’t suppose to instruct men, that is the purview of Ian, ROK and the other men of the evil patriarchy.

Men are as hopelessly damaged as you WE are by the messages pounded into them US by, basically everyone.  If you are a woman who really wants the comfort of a man, it is up to You, YOU as a woman to let him be the man you desire.  You will not *reward him* with your submission to his physical desires.  You accept that he will succeed or fail.  Your only job is to support that man.  If he doesn’t fix the windshield wipers and this is the result:

 windshield crap

Then, accept the failure.  He had other things on his mind.  The windshield wiper isn’t fixed. OK.  Put on a pretty dress and let him correct the failure of the big ass bird shit smear.  He will fix it.  Your job, as a Good Woman is to let him fix this and then Thank Him Enthusiastically!  He’s going to Screw Up.  You are going to be a kind, gracious, woman who looks to her Man while he overcomes his programming to Be Nice and then , you have the Man You Need.

  1. I think pedestal means two different things to two different people. I think Lady means “I’m shoving you on top of a winners pyramid,” and Ian means, “You’re putting me in a china cabinet.”

    Both saying similar things, but very different in implication. One is being recognized for being useful, the other has value in simply existing, but both are “receiving praise”.

    Based on the size of that bird crap, I suggest greater than 30-caliber to take care of your bird problems.

  2. All words carry specific meaning to their users.

    As for the bird problem, I can’t even imagine what did that but it was just ewwwww!!!!! Although I think the 20-gauge would do quite nicely 😉

  3. infowarrior1 permalink

    When a beta embraces the red pill this is the result:

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