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Feed vs. Food

May 2, 2013

Fat women.  Probably not the nicest topic to select, but, I am just infuriated with these lazy beasts and fed up with their constant pathetic excuses.  These gals are expert at playing the victim card and refusing to accept personal responsibility.  It’s not my fault! “It’s genetic/medical/baby-weight-gain/blah-blah-blah and moo-moo-oink.”

bad cart

This is the shopping cart of a fat woman and her fat family.

Boxes. Bags. Barcodes. Ingredient labels a freaking mile long. That’s why you are fat. You are too lazy to cook your food yourself from scratch you silly piggies.  That and you probably need to get more exercise than lifting the feed bag to your mouth. Read the freaking labels.  Do you have that shit in your kitchen?  OK then – don’t eat it! See how simple that is?  Take cottage cheese.  It should have three ingredients, not fifteen.  Cream, which I love in my coffee, should have one ingredient listed on the label, and that is – gasp! – Cream.  Nothing else, because, duh.

If that’s too difficult try this method:

 good groceries

See the carrots? Know what’s in them? Carrots.

That’s right.  It’s the produce section.  Except for your TP and personal hygiene items, you should be shopping for your food around the outside perimeter of the grocery store if you shop for your food there at all.  Since you are fat, obviously you’re also too lazy to source your food locally, or grow the shit yourself. So we will stick with the assumption that big-she-hogs shop for food at big crappy chain stores.  So, you know what else is found on the outside of the store?  Meat.  That’s right, grab a big juicy hunk of meat, that’s a good thing, especially if you get the stuff that’s grass-fed and hormone free.  Stop worrying about that fat in and on your food.  The fat on that meat isn’t what is making you fat. Eating the same thing that cows eat – that’s what makes you fat.  A steady diet chock full o’ chemicals just speeds up the process.


If you eat the same crap that was fed to this cow, yeah, you’ll by fat!

While you are eyeballing that big ol’ steak, spare me the cholesterol speech.  That is utter nonsense.  Our brains are made of the stuff.  You literally need it to live and not be a babbling idiot.  OH, wait…Food Pyramid.  Please keep in mind that the USDA is essentially a government funded marketing firm whose sole purpose is to get you to eat as much soy, corn, and wheat as possible.

If you are fat, then you know who else is fat and unhealthy? Yep.  Your fat-ass kids.  Stop abusing them by providing them crap to eat and shut off the TV and video games and send them outside to get some sunshine and learn to use their minds to entertain themselves and burn off some of that nasty, nasty life-ruining fat. Once, again, it goes back to the labels. If the yoghurt you are eating, or the cheese, or the sour-cream is fat-free, you’re doing it wrong.  Those things are made from fat.  If some food processing voodoo is used to take out the fat, it is being replaced with chemicals.  Pay attention: They have removed the nutrients and replaced them with chemicals; poisonous, toxic chemicals.

walmart fatties

This is not an accident.

Obesity is a disease? Childhood obesity is an epidemic? Cry me a river!!! Bad parenting and poorly informed consumers are the real epidemic.  Put down the diet-anything. Stop letting the little beasts-in-training drink sodas and graze on pre-packaged garbage and school lunches.  Make them play sports.  Exercise with them and by example show them that fat is a choice not a fact of life.  There is nothing “lucky” about being thin and you are only a victim of fat if you really, really want to be a victim, in which case, I can’t help you, but I can out run you and I am probably a better cook, too!

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  1. darlingdoll permalink

    Great post.

  2. Thanks, Doll! I appreciate the read!

  3. Real food doesn’t take that much more effort to make and is far better. I bought a Wok years ago and it gets regular use. That means lots of fresh vegetables and tasty meals that don’t take a lot of time to make. A very good investment. And there are plenty of sites on the net with good cooking information to keep one healthy.

  4. Hank Shaw, at is one of my favorites! even a child can see that meat, produce, cheese, is better than bags and boxes of crap!

    Glad that you re on board with eating real food! I will post some garden photos when the May blizzards let up here, but the chickens are laying eggs like gangbusters now!

  5. Keep this up and you’ll make Morrissey cry.

    Then again, crying emo tears is sorta his business model…

  6. Wonderful song, nightsky, but the hot guy/big girl, Ewwwwwww!

  7. Thanks. Excellent post. Love your definition of real food. I’m going to have to use it.

  8. Sort of a no-brainer on the definition. It’s food, and you can pronounce the things that are in it.

    Glad to have you here, ballomar!

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